Resource Monitoring Solution

With just a few minutes of installation, 

to experience a complete monitoring system

LogCenter Cloud is an integrated Resource Monitoring Service that supports various server environments. 

Check all the resources you could not manage at a glance and easily manage them - simply and easily. 

Your work efficiency will increase explosively with LogCenter Cloud.


Manage all your resource all in one place

With LogCenter Cloud, you can manage and monitor in one place for critical IT systems.

Do not waste any more time monitoring resources.

You can easily build and operate a secure environment that allows you to focus more on your customers.

 You can manage all systems from CPU(%), MEM(%), HDD(%).

The essential function of server monitoring at once.


Easy and fast monitoring

It is easy and simple to use but has excellent monitoring capabilities.

You can fully manage all IT infrastructure associated with LogCenter Cloud. 

Build a smart monitoring environment with just a few clicks.

Daily reports are available to use as a resource for your work

from Normal / Attention / Warning sign.


Providing the world's largest content platform

We provide all content related to IT security to help you work more.

Find the information you need on the IT Help Desk platform at any time.

Experience the world's greatest content freely and extend your insights infinitely.

Feel free to use the service for three months 

It's as simple as your plan and you can use it now. 

If you select only the number of hosts you want to work with, you are done. 

Get started anytime, anywhere.