Follow only 3 steps for server monitoring


You don't need to waste your time to connect servers and wait for monitoring results.

As soon as you connect servers within 5 seconds, you can see data of all servers for monitoring.


Add host icon and insert IP

Wait a few minutes

for automatic server discovery


Check all servers

We've minimized time wasted

on Server management  👩‍💼👨‍💼

Many users decided LogCenter Cloud to manage all servers

for an effective environment in which they can improve system operations.

Just 5 seconds to connect


Click on Auto connecting, it's done!

You won't believe that it's done for connecting all servers.

Just try! What's going on simple connecting.


To add SNMP, only insert object IP

and click auto connecting.

Then server data automatically appear.


For agent installation, you need only

copy and paste.

Then LogCenter Cloud does the rest.


01  Click based easy to connect all systems

02  Automatic server discovery with SNMP or AGENT

03  Immediately begins collecting data

Only Drag&Drop on your place


The topology map that you can check

overall status is monitoring space. 

It looks like a simple map to manage all servers for monitoring.


01  The same single pane of glass on the topology map

02  Visualize and alert about each host

03  Identify and resolve issues faster

Intelligent real-time updates


Trend chart in one place helps in viewing server status with the easy chart.

Easy server management, but intelligent real-time host information.


01  Host health metrics ⎯ CPU, Memory, Disk, Network

02  Alerting and dashboarding for all your resources

     ⎯ Normal/ Warning/ Critical/ Not work/ Stop

03  Live-state event feed about host status

Every hour updated powerful reporting


The daily report gives you total visibility with cloud server management. 

Also, IT HELP DESK might help you if you need to get any IT information. 

There is no need to check each server.


01  Check the issue host every hour

02  Whether host affects in real-time

03  Smart management with predictive usage (+24h)


You own personal expert


Offering expert advice that describes the likely

causes and suggests resolution actions

for any issues.

An expert might give you solutions from

your request in 24 hours.


01  Expert specializes in solving issues

02  Over 1,600 supported technologic skills

03  Don't see the technology you're looking for?


Start a one-month free trial

Start your 1 month free trial. Many users decided LogCenter Cloud to manage all servers

And then, you can choose the plan that you fit for your host.