You can hire a system manager
per server

You don't need to hire server manager for server monitoring.

You can get high-quality server monitoring services 

and expert advice at a  low price.

                                  Don’t struggle         Efficient operating     Perfect monitoring

                                   at a high cost                environment             for cloud server

It is easy to manage the registered system

Through The Topology!

You can easily view the resource usage of a registered system at a glance.

If abnormal activity of the server is detected,

you can check it our at a glance.

You can get the advice from

Your Own System Expert!

The daily report is about monitoring your assets about abnormal behavior.

And you can get from high-level IT experts.

You can see how much resources are being used over time

Using Trend Chart!

You can see the trend through the hourly resource usage chart.

You can view detailed data about actual usage.

You can get the advice

from IT Help Desk!

We provide all content related to IT security to help you work more.

Find the information you need on the IT Help Desk at any time.

Feel free to use the service

for one months

It's as simple as your plan and you can use it now.  

Get started anytime, anywhere.